See book. Read book.

  1. Visit your library’s digital collection:
  2. Sign in with your library card.
  3. Find a title you want to borrow. Click on the title and select Borrow
  4. Start reading eBooks in your browser by clicking the Read button, when available.

Download eBooks

  1. If you prefer to download eBooks, click Download and select your preferred format.
  2. If you select the Kindle Book format, you will be taken to Amazon’s website to complete download.
  3. To install free software needed to download other formats, click Help at the top of the page and select Software. Download:
    • Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to read on your computer
    • OverDrive Media Console (OMC) for smartphones and tablets
  4. To transfer eBooks from a computer to an eReader, connect your device to your computer and open ADE. Drag your downloaded eBook from the ADE ‘Library’ view to your device when it appears on the left panel.

Looking for more EPUB titles? Consider one of these free public domain titles! Choose from thousands of titles that never expire and don’t count against your library checkout limit! Click here to view our public domain eBooks.

Find additional help resources by clicking the Help link on your library’s digital collection, or go directly to

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