Public Access Computers

Computer access is available in the library. Patrons over the age of 14 may sign-up at the Reference Desk for Internet Use, Homework computers, or Job Center computers. Internet use computers are for general usage with a 45 minute time limit. Homework and Job Center computers have a 3-hr time limit and are not intended for recreational use. For patrons 13 and under, computers are available in the Children’s Department with sign-up.

In-House Printing

Black and white prints are .10 cents per page. Color prints are $1.00 per page. Legal size prints are .20 cents per page.


The library offeres a variety of equipment to the public including: Internet Access, Microsoft Office Suite, Online Library Catalog access. Other available equipment varies but may include:

  • Copy Machines (.15 per page)
  • Typewriter
  • Scanner
  • SD Memory Card Reader
  • 52 Reference Department Computers
  • 18 Childrens Department Computers
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